“Robert is incredibly talented and creative designer. He has exceptional work ethic and an amazing ability to be patient and listen to the customer’s requirements of the project. I had a great experience working with Robert and would recommend him to any future customer.”
Anna Kelberg Kim
Owner and Founder of BeeAroundTown.com

“Rob is an imaginative designer who understands the marketing process and has the skill to capture a strategic message in a visual piece. We have worked on websites, print pieces and brand imaging projects together. He is fun to work with and goes out of his way to make sure the graphic design elements meet client expectations within their budget.”
Melissa Fitzgerald
Principal, Fitzgerald Marketing Communications

“We hired Rob a few years ago to help with various projects during our busy production season. Since then, we’ve brought him back twice. He’s very creative, works quickly, communicates well, doesn’t take critiques personally (a big plus) and is very reliable. In a pinch, he designed a dynamic Flash animation for a very important event and really impressed us with his creation. We’re also happy to work with Rob because he’s simply a genuine, fun person to be around. I’d encourage any design professional to hire Rob.”
Andrea Vagas
Creative Director, GIE Media

As a copywriter, I’ve worked with Rob on a variety of accounts. Rob can and does create designs that are both visually appealing and effective for any given purpose, but he’s also much more than a designer. He’s a self-motivated, forward-thinking idea man who can generate intelligent and creative “big picture” plans, then execute the details. Rob is very aware of evolving media and consumer trends, and always thinking of fresh ways to carry brands into the future. He’s extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects relevant to marketing, and he always takes initiative to gain even more knowledge and skills wherever they may be applicable. Working with him, I’ve often marveled at the scope of his capabilities, not to mention the rate at which that expertise is constantly growing. Just as important, Rob is an absolute treat to work with, and I consider myself privileged to have gotten to do so. His positive attitude is contagious. Working with him is as good for your mood as it is for your business.”
Camille Sciria
Senior CopywriterHitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc.