Lakewoodites is a comic strip about life in one of the most densely-populated suburbs in America, Lakewood, Ohio (just a stones throw from Cleveland). Published on a bi-weekly basis in the Lakewood Observer, the comic features real local businesses, business owners and residents. A few businesses used in the comic (either as the focus or in the background) have been Melt, Pet’s General, the Root Cafe, the Detroit Theater (RIP), Taco Tontos, Hixsons, Sauced Taproom and Rozi’s Wine Bar. As far as people who have been featured…well most of you know who you are.

The Lakewood Observer invites the entire community to celebrate the vibrant mosaic of culture, nature, history, and personality we call Lakewood. Our goal is to help Lakewood residents and neighbors learn as much as possible about the city. In its efforts to know Lakewood par excellence, the Lakewood Observer illuminates the many facets of culture, arts, business, education, religion, and lifestyle this diverse city has to offer.